Which of Santa’s Reindeer Should You Adopt?

beautiful christmas reindeer

Do you love the story of Santa and his reindeer? I have been fascinated by Santa’s reindeer from a young age, probably because I have always been an animal lover. Growing up in Colorado, there was a kids’ amusement park called Santa’s Workshop that actually had live reindeer. I loved to visit with them in between riding all the kiddie rides.

My husband always teases me a bit about reindeer once we learned that people from Norway (like many of my relatives) eat reindeer meat and even sometimes put it in their coffee. I think I’ll pass on this cultural tradition and stick to just enjoying reindeers as sweet holiday animals. I prefer to think of them as cuddly friends and not as tasty treats.

I got the idea of adopting a reindeer in my head after re-watching one of my favorite holiday movies, Elf. While clearly the movie has nothing to do with reindeers, I was reminded at the end of how essential they are to Santa’s journey. I wouldn’t mind taking care of a couple for the remainder of the year, provided they got along with my dog 🙂 Also, while I know I’m allowed to have a small goat here in my backyard in Austin, I’ll have to check on the status of reindeer.

Are you like me and totally loving the idea of adopting a reindeer? Than take my latest quiz to see which reindeer you should adopt: Which of Santa’s Reindeer Should You Adopt? Let me know what you get as your result and how well it fits you. This quiz will tell you a lot about your holiday personality 🙂

Discussion question: Which of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?

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7 replies on “Which of Santa’s Reindeer Should You Adopt?”

I’m with you on the mini reindeer! I don’t have enough room in my yard for a regular one.

It’s dried reindeer meat that they reconstitute in the coffee. I believe it’s mostly just for nutrition and flavor. It’s so cold up there that probably meat in coffee is a good thing, but I can’t imagine drinking it myself 🙂

You Should Adopt Prancer

You love the holidays, but you tend to be more of a quiet observer. And Prancer is the perfect reindeer to break you out of your shell.
Like you, Prancer is a bit shy and timid. She has just enough charm to get you to prance a long with her.

You have an eye, ear, and heart for the poetic. You experience many magic moments in your every day life.
And of course, the holidays are especially magic for you, especially if you have a reindeer in tow!

I don’t really have a favorite nor have I ever thought about it much, probably cause I’m not that fascinated with deer/reindeer.

What do you think?

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