What Traditionally Jewish Food Are You?

potato latkes
Time got away from me this month, and before I realized it, the holidays were upon us. Luckily, I got all of my shopping done already 🙂 I went to two different holiday events last weekend, and I’m just realizing that I only have a little over a week to get all my light gazing, song listening, and movie watching in before the time has passed until next year.

Speaking of the holidays, some of you already may know that Hanukkah starts at sunset today! Happy Hanukkah to everyone, and I thought it would be fun to write a related quiz to mark the occasion. I am not well versed enough in Jewish holidays to write a very specific quiz yet (please give me suggestions though!), so I decided to write about what I do know… food 🙂

I am a big fan of the traditionally Jewish foods I’ve tried. They often remind me of my childhood, because I grew up eating a lot of fish and potatoes in my Norwegian home. Something like the latkes above would fit right in perfectly at our holiday table. Other foods, like bagels, remind me of my travels to places I love, like New York City. It’s not so easy to find good traditionally Jewish food here in Austin, although some of that is starting to change. There is a wonderful kosher deli inside one of the regular supermarkets nearby where I’m able to get a pretty good bagel with lox 🙂

To find which traditionally Jewish food best fits you, take my latest quiz: What Traditionally Jewish Food Are You? Let me know what you get on this quiz, and if you think the result fits you.

Discussion questions: What food do you like to celebrate the holidays with?

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9 replies on “What Traditionally Jewish Food Are You?”

Matzo Ball Soup. I haven’t had too many Hanukkah foods that I remember. I have had Passover Seders before and I enjoyed it. Mostly because I like horseradish. 🙂 As for our own holiday foods it’s always changing but I like to do my brussels sprout salad and sometimes a special fruit tray with lots of pomegranate and I like pies and special drinks that come with holidays. I like to do a big pot of my New Year veggie soup on New Years Eve. I think it’s a good way to start off the year, with food that’s abundant and comforting but not so rich as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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