What’s Your Modern Temperament?

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Have you ever taken a temperament style personality test? You may be surprised to learn that you have if you’ve ever taken a quiz that gives you  result like INTP or ESFJ? (Here’s my most popular temperament quiz: What’s Your Personality Type?

The idea of personality temperaments goes back far in time, way back to the time of Hippocrates in 450 BC. Hippocrates developed four different personality temperaments, and many modern personality quizzes are still based on them. Hippocrates four distinct temperaments were: choleric (emotional and sensitive), phlegmatic (cool and detached), melancholic (very serious), and sanguine (impulsive and excitable). If you’d like to take a quiz on these personality temperament types, it’s here: What Temperament Are You?

The four temperaments show up throughout a variety of personality quizzes. Most element quizzes and even more corporate style tests like DiSC are based on the four personalty temperaments. Even the most popular personality quiz, the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is an offshoot of the four temperaments.

So given the long history of personality temperament theory, I wasn’t too surprised to come across a new, modern theory of temperament by Brian Lewis. I like these archetypes a lot, because they are very relatable. I decided to base a quiz off of them, and in case you are a MBTI nerd like me, here is how they correspond to that test: Polite / Guardian (SJ), Daring / Artisan (SP), Compassionate / Idealist (NF), and Skeptical / Rational (NT).

Are you ready to find out what your modern temperament is? Take my latest quiz to learn if you’re polite, daring, compassionate, or skeptical: What’s Your Modern Temperament? Comment and let me know what you get. How true is it for you?

Discussion question: How does your modern temperament compare to your MBTI type?

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9 replies on “What’s Your Modern Temperament?”

You Are An ISTP
You Are Skeptical

Skeptics tend to be logical/rational and not easily swayed by emotion. Even so my Dad is sensitive/touchy-feely and has a skeptical streak.

This time I got Phlegmatic. Years ago I think I got Melancholic. Most recently, I took a profile questionnaire in a book that color coded 4 types and I got 5 of one, 5 of another and then something like 18 and 17 of the other two. The colors obviously relate closely to the 4 temperaments so it seems pretty clear that I exhibit 2 of them almost equally. And they do correlate to INFJ.

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