What Should You Do With Snow?

woman skiing in snow

Do you like snow? I love snow, at least in theory. Snow is the number one thing I miss most about living in a colder place. (The thing I miss least happens to be the cold, so I have quite a dilemma.) I love that magical feeling of the first snow of the season. Each year, it’s one of the top moments of my life.

I grew up in a pretty snowy place, so I’m well acquainted with the pleasures of snow. I like to ski (too klutzy to snowboard) and to go sledding (with a soft landing). I used to build epic snow forts as a kid, and I like a good snowball fight, as long as no one puts rocks in the snowballs!

However, the absolute number one thing I like about snow is being snowed in – especially if I don’t have anywhere to go. I love the cozy feeling of being under a blanket of snow, and I even don’t mind if I can’t get out the front door in the worst of storms. I brew up some tea, do a little old fashioned Scandinavian baking, and get out my favorite books and DVDs. A snowed in party is my kind of party, even if I’m all by myself 🙂

What about you? Are you a fan of snow? Take my latest quiz to see what sort of snow activity would best suit you: What Should You Do With Snow? Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result.

Discussion questions: What is your favorite thing about snow (assuming that you like it!)? Have you gotten any snow yet this year?

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6 replies on “What Should You Do With Snow?”

You Should Experience It (I’m not really engaged with the world)

Just the way it looks when it has piled up a few inches (I wish I hadn’t lost the cable to my digital camera)

I like snow. I’d like to get some better snow than I do here where I live. We got a pretty good snow around Christmas not too many years ago. I’ve been skiing and I liked that. I like the soft sound and the crunchy sound and pretty much just the clean, bright look of it.

I was wondering if you got snow in your neck of the woods! I’ve only seen it once in almost seven years in my little part of Texas. I’d like a bit more… just a little 🙂

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