What Brunch Dish Are You?

raspberry french toast

Do you like brunch? I love a leisurely brunch (or even breakfast) whenever I can get one. I generally prefer to cook my own brunch, taking my time and making exactly what I want to eat. (Like homemade blueberry pancakes… yum!) But there’s also something magical about going out to a lazy brunch as well. And it’s nice to have someone clean up for you when it’s over.

I thought it would be fun to write a quiz about brunch, which I consider very different than breakfast. For me, breakfast is more about getting ready for the day. It’s functional, sometimes rather boring, and often solitary. I like breakfast just fine, but it’s nothing I get too excited about.

Brunch, on the other hand, is an event – even if I’m the only one eating it. By definition, it’s a little lackadaisical because it starts later in the day. Brunch tends to be (and should be) more indulgent. Brunch is often social and adventurous. It includes dishes you normally don’t eat and people you normally don’t see. Brunch can be many ways. It can be romantic and private or social and public. Brunch can be upscale and chic or homey and traditional.

Now that I’ve got you thinking about brunch, I’d like to present my latest quiz: What Brunch Dish Are You? Find out what kind of brunch-er you may be and which brunch dish best suits you. Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result.

Discussion questions: What’s your favorite brunch dish? Do you like muffins at brunch? Check out What Kind of Muffin Are You? More of a bagel person? Take What Kind of Bagel Are You?

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7 replies on “What Brunch Dish Are You?”

French Toast and quite a bit of Omelette

None of the muffin results describe me well

Degrees of Poppy Seed, Sesame Seed, and Chocolate Chip (they describe me better than the actual 2 results I got by picking 1 different choice)

I sometimes eat muffins if they don’t have bits of fruit in them or at least not noticeably

Result = French toast. Absolutely. And I say, Eggs Benedict too. As for muffins, I got Bran. But it might be a mistake and so I looked at all the others and wasn’t convinced. I’ve decided to create my own and say cinnamon. 🙂 Perhaps, I’m bran flavored with cinnamon. 🙂 And I can’t choose favorites for brunch. I’m gonna need something spicy, something rich, something sweet and something fresh light. And bubbly alcohol. I gotta find a good brunch place so I don’t have to make all that myself!

Oooh, Eggs Benedict are are favorite in our house too. And yes for something bubbly! And I love your muffin idea 🙂 Cinnamon is my not-so-secret baking weapon.

I got “French Toast”, and I think maybe I’m only that easy-going when I’m in brunch mode. 🙂 (I mean, what’s the point of brunch if you let the little things upset you, right?)

I am definitely more a bagel person than a muffin person–I love a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese, mmmmmmm! (But it has to be a REAL, New York-type bagel, not the bagel-shaped bread that too many places sell. 🙂 )

I agree about brunch mode!!! I think that’s what inspired this quiz 🙂

I love bagels too. It’s very difficult to find a decent bagel in my neck of the woods. I try to compensate with good salmon and cream cheese at least 🙂

What do you think?

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