What’s Your Strongest Sense?

woman smelling rose

Have you felt in tune with your senses lately? I sure have. The holiday season awakens all five senses for me, usually starting with smell – as I get my Christmas tree every weekend after Thanksgiving. I realize that it may seem a bit seasonally inappropriate to include a woman smelling a rose for a sense quiz this time of year, but December is the month for roses here in Austin. I love to go through my neighborhood checking out holiday decorations and smelling roses!

When it comes to my senses, it’s hard to pick just one that I use the most. I feel like I’m pretty sensitive to all five senses… too sensitive some would say. It’s very painful for me to go out on a bright day without sunglasses or to have to listen to a quiet but annoying noise. Luckily, I do think this sensitivity can be a gift – as long as I can take a deep breath, relax, and observe. It’s hard to be bored in life if you can really tap into your senses. Just a smell, sound, or feel of the air can transport you to another place. It’s pretty cool!

What about you? Do you have a particular sense that overwhelms you? Or are all of them quite strong? Find out with my latest quiz: What’s Your Strongest Sense? Let me know what you get for your result, and if you think it fits.

Discussion questions: What sense do you tap into most during the holidays? Take What’s Your Autumn Sense? and / or What’s Your Winter Sense? (depending on what season you feel like it is). What’s your result?

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7 replies on “What’s Your Strongest Sense?”

Sight and quite a bit of Taste
Your Autumn Sense is Sight
Sight and some Touch

I’m a sight lover, but I sometimes indulge the the other senses too.

My strongest sense result was sound. For Autumn it was sound and for Winter it was smell. I would say they are all very sensitive but my favorites might be sight and smell. I say sight because it’s more controllable? I’m least likely to be unavoidably assaulted. I can turn away or close my eyes but I’ve always felt it’s the most important sense to me. Even pleasant smells can be overwhelming as can sound and touch. I’m very sensitive. As for taste, well, who doesn’t enjoy that? But I wouldn’t say mine is particularly refined and I could live without it. Probably lose some weight without it. 🙂

I agree about sight and it being more controllable. My husband laughs at me because sometimes I have to close my eyes if I get overwhelmed – like from the lights at a rock show 🙂 Hahaha, good point about losing some weight without taste. I think I would miss it too much though!

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