What US Region Do You Eat Thanksgiving Like?

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Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? I am! I love to cook up my favorites every year, and I have been looking forward to this meal for weeks. I have all my grocery shopping finished, and I’m ready to get cooking in a couple of days. Unlike some people, I like to do all the cooking myself so that the meal can be just how I like it. It’s definitely more work that way, but I have a system that involves a couple slow cookers and a couple ovens 🙂

I’ve noticed that everyone I know has different opinions on what makes the best Thanksgiving meal, and according to some research, there are definite regional variations in the US when it comes to Thanksgiving. Makes sense to me! I never wanted to include pecans in my meal until I moved to Texas and had a few pecan trees. I suppose if I had a specific regional influence it would be Southwestern Scandinavian 😉 I’ll have to take the quiz to see where I fit in more broadly.

Do you have a region that your Thanksgiving meal is most like? My latest quiz represents Thanksgiving preferences from four regions in the United States. You may be surprised by what you get on this one: What US Region Do You Eat Thanksgiving Like? Let me know what region your Thanksgiving is most like and if you think your results are accurate. (If anyone is curious, I based this quiz off a few years of search data from recipe sites.)

Discussion questions: What Thanksgiving dish do you like to eat that’s a little outside the norm? Where did you eat most of your Thanksgiving growing up?

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7 replies on “What US Region Do You Eat Thanksgiving Like?”

I love traditional! I wasn’t surprised to see traditional correlate with the East Coast, but I was surprised to see it come up for West Coast folks as well 😉

My result is Coastal. Which coast? Gulf Coast! I probably didn’t get Texas because I didn’t pick Pecan Pie. Shame on me. For a couple of years now I’ve been making a salad of shredded Brussels Sprouts mixed with shredded Gruyere dressed with a mustard dressing. Thanksgiving used to be at my Grandparents and then one or another of my Aunts hosted but most recently one of my cousins has a big new house and the grandparents are gone and it’s hard on the Aunts and my house is smaller. Do you guys play games or anything after your meal? We have a lot of laughs playing Beyond Balderdash. Of course football is on the TV but we don’t actually play football like some families might.

I love it! Yes! Third coast counts for sure 😉

I love your brussels sprouts salad idea – especially some some gruyere? That sounds amazing!

We do sometimes play a board game if my aunt happens to be around. My husband and I are having a small Thanksgiving this year, so we’ll probably watch some football. We don’t play football either, but a post-meal walk is mandatory unless we’re visiting my family in Colorado… then it may be too cold!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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