What Kind of Voter Are You?

woman voting

Did you vote recently? If you are like me and some Americans, you voted in today’s election – either today or early like I did. I enjoy voting and educating myself on the various issues, but I know voting isn’t everyone’s favorite activity.

I wrote a quiz today to determine what kind of voter you are, and unlike most voting quizzes, this one is not exactly ideology based. Take my latest quiz to find out what type of voter you are… even if you don’t vote regularly: What Kind of Voter Are You? Let me know what you get and how true you think your result is.

Discussion question: When was the last time you voted? (You don’t have to say who you voted for!)

2 replies on “What Kind of Voter Are You?”


I’ve never voted, but due to the state of the country I’ll consider doing it this time around. I also don’t trust politicians, especially not the liberal ones what with their love of big government. And I hate the cowardice and apathy of many conservative types.

What do you think?

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