What’s Your Halloween Name?

halloween man

Happy Halloween! Are you ready to celebrate? There are a ton of Halloween quizzes on Blogthings for you to take, and I wrote a special new quiz just for today. I love Halloween and hope you have a great day, no matter how you decide to celebrate πŸ™‚

Want a cool new name to celebrate Halloween? My new quiz will give you one! Take my latest quiz to show off your Halloween name:Β What’s Your Halloween Name?Β Comment and let me know what you get.

Discussion question: What are you doing for Halloween today?

11 replies on “What’s Your Halloween Name?”

The Halloween name quiz doesn’t come up.

I have problems with these Halloween quizzes because I’ve never celebrated Halloween–I haven’t seen a trick-or-treater in, oh, over 30 years at least. I guess kids dress up for parties (as do adults), but trick-or-treating, not in Manhattan that I know of!

Oops, thanks! All fixed now πŸ™‚

That makes sense about Halloween and Manhattan. It is very huge here where I live – traffic is bumper to bumper on all the streets in my (normally quiet) neighborhood all night.

What do you think?

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