What Kind of Healthy Are You?

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Are you a healthy person? I like to look at health in a variety of ways… it’s not just about not being sick. I think emotional and social health are also important – and almost certainly contribute to physical health. I wish people focused a bit more on those things, to be honest 🙂

My latest quiz looks at all aspects of health and tells you where you really shine. Even if your physical health isn’t the best, you may be surprised to see where you are healthy in your life. Take this quiz to find out: What Kind of Healthy Are You?

Discussion question: What’s the number one thing you do to stay healthy?

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “What Kind of Healthy Are You?

  1. Sarah Ngakaari Hammond

    I’m Socially Healthy which is, amazing since I have Aspergers. Guess with age and time, I am getting better. That’s a good thing 😀

    Socially Healthy result:

    You value harmony and personal connections. You like to be a part of the world, and you like being with people.
    You naturally have a large support system in your life, and that keeps you healthy… as well as sane!

    You are an optimist, and you see the best in people. You rarely go wrong giving others the benefit of the doubt.
    By simply expecting things to work out, you have a healthy attitude about life. And if things go wrong, you have plenty of people who you can turn to.

      1. kari Post author

        Good for you!!! That is one of the best things I know too! It’s amazing how much negative people can affect my health 🙂

  2. Melissa Russell

    It’s says I’m emotionally healthy. I can never decide just where I am in the spectrum of health in any of these aspects. What do I do to stay healthy? I curate ALL the information. Applying it is rather more inconsistent.

    1. kari Post author

      I totally can relate! I guess for myself, I see how my health compares to how it has been historically. For example, when I’m super stressed I get sick a lot more frequently than usual.

      I agree about it all being difficult to apply for sure 🙂

  3. Blogthings Fan

    A lot of Spiritually Healthy and quite a bit of Intellectually Healthy.

    Right now I just try to distract myself which sometimes isn’t enough.