What Basic Recipe Should You Make?


Do you like to cook? I try to cook as often as I can at home, and often what I make is not very elaborate. I believe that good home cooked food can be the simplest recipes if prepared well. I used to not be very proud of my cooking because it’s often so basic, but over the years I have learned to embrace simplicity – especially if it’s paired with high quality ingredients.

If you ask me, too many of us think we have to keep up with lifestyle bloggers, television, and Pinterest when it comes to things in the home. Not every meal has to be groundbreaking to be good – and it certainly doesn’t have to be photography worthy. Thinking about my love of simple recipes led me to write my latest quiz today, and hopefully it will inspire you to whip up something simple and delicious of your own.

Do you also like simple cooking? Take my latest quiz to find out what basic recipe would suit you! What Basic Recipe Should You Make? Let me know what you get on the quiz. Would you actually make the recipe.

For simplicity, I didn’t include any of the recipes pictured. However, if you would like the recipe for that outcome (or any outcome), simply ask me in the comments, and I will make it happen!

Discussion question: What is your favorite simple recipe to make?

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I agree – baking is a much better result for someone who follows recipes to the letter! I envy that sort of discipline… I experiment and modify a lot, and a lot of it never makes it to the dinner table 😉

There is a marinated bean and veggie recipe that I like. I usually use cans for it so it’s simple. Pinto, kidney, corn, celery, green onions, with a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, oregano, cumin, S&P. I got bruschetta on the quiz but changed it to caesar salad.

You Should Make Bruschetta

You love fun food, and your cooking style is just as inspired. You’re big on flavor.
You make food with maximum impact. You don’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen when there’s eating to be done!

You are a creative cook, and you love to experiment in the kitchen. Some of your ideas are very inspired.
You rarely make something the same way twice. There are too many fun ingredients out there to stick to a recipe.

Brownies. Also Spaghetti Carbonara kinda describes me too as I prefer cooking/baking simple things that don’t take long. Also I’m not actually very good at cooking/baking nor do I spend a lot of time doing it.

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