Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile?

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Do you consider yourself a fan of British or French culture? I like a both British and French things, and I was trying to decide recently which country was closest to my heart. It’s a tough call! I traveled to France many years ago and loved it, and I’ve even gone through the trouble of learning un peu de français. However, there is nothing I like more than a good modern British television show like Doctor Who or Downton Abbey.

Let’s see… what else? When it comes to fashion, I’ve got to give France the edge. It may surprise you to hear I’m going to pick British food over French food. What can I say? I prefer a late night curry to cow’s head! Music? Definitely British… I think most American would agree. After all, we’re raised on Bowie and the Beatles. But when it comes to film, I’m going to have to say French. French New Wave cinema is my jam.

Instead of staying confused about where my loyalties lie, I decided to write a quiz to sort things out. I know there are many cultures that we all are fans of, but traditionally, Francophilia and Anglophilia are the most common. So no worried if you prefer Japan, Mexico, Italy, or one of many other cool countries. Those may be in a future quiz! Today is all about exploring the basics though… so just France and England.

To see which of these two cultural powerhouses you belong in, take my latest quiz: Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result. Do you identify with being either an Anglophile or Francophile? How come? Would you like to live in either France or the UK one day?

Discussion question: What country’s culture (besides your own) are you an enthusiast of?

15 replies on “Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile?”

According to this quiz I’m more an Anglophile. No surprise here, really. It’s true I’m an Irishman born of Irish parents, but I was born in London and spent nearly half of my life there. Mind you, I did listen to French radio quite frequently and my father was fluent in French so I’m not 100% Anglophile.

I got Anglophile but the Francophile I think fits me better, mostly because I’m learning French now and most of the stuff I appreciate is originated in France or French influenced. And I have French on both sides.

I got Francophile. I think I could really appreciate Italian culture. But really, I appreciate all cultures that value agricultural integrity, familial integrity and appreciate arts, food and style. Everyone has something that I could enjoy.

I got Anglophile. Really, no surprise there… Don’t know why I love the Brits so much. Probably their history, their literature, I don’t know. Or probably just their accent… 😉

Funny thing is, I ran into this quiz as I was waiting for a Doctor Who episode to buffer in one window (I watch online) and was browsing on Sherlock series 3 in another window. Guess you got the ‘geeking out’ part spot on, Kari! LOL…

I would really, really, really love to live in the UK. .

Other culture beside my own country I am an enthusiast of… Hmmm, definitely the British culture. No other answer. 🙂

There are a few – Mexican culture because I live close to the border, Norwegian culture because of my family, and Argentine culture just because I LOVE Buenos Aires.

What do you think?

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