What Tea Latte Are You?

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I don’t know about you, but I think it’s starting to be tea latte season in my neck of the woods. A tea latte is a lot like a regular latte, but instead of espresso, it’s all about the high quality tea. You’ve probably had a chai tea latte if you’ve ever had a tea latte. I also like tea lattes with green teas and black teas like earl grey.

I drink a lot of tea while writing Blogthings quizzes. Tea gives me just enough caffeine to get going with writing, but not so much that it makes me crazy. If anything is my muse, it’s tea – and while I like it plain, it’s hard to resist with some steamed milk (or in my case almond milk) and sweetener. I’ve found that a lot of teas that taste too strong for me alone work beautifully in a tea latte. I am a big fan of red tea lattes these days 🙂

I was inspired to write about tea lattes because so many of my lovely Blogthings quiz takers are into tea. We have a lot of coffee quizzes on Blogthings, but we are still a bit lacking in the tea department. Every time I write a coffee quiz, many of you ask for more tea quizzes… so I’m here to deliver! My latest quiz will hopefully be a welcome addition to my growing tea category: What Tea Latte Are You? Let me know what you get on this tea quiz, and if you like your result.

Discussion question: What’s your favorite type of tea? Would you like to try it as a latte if you haven’t already?

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I got Chai Latte, and I love the description–but I’m afraid it would be more accurate to say I TRY to be without judgment!

Now I want to go back to London–it’s one of the few places I’ve visited and I loved it (thank you, Freddie Laker and your Airbus service!).

My most recent favorite tea has been Golden Monkey. A black tea but it is honey gold and sweet. I like it only very lightly sweetened with honey or Teavana’s rock sugar. I have really only liked my chai to be creamy so I would need to experiment with lattes to see if there is one that I like enough to have regularly.

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