What Kind of Jetsetter Are You?

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Do you have a jetsetting lifestyle? I’m the first to admit that I definitely don’t… but it’s fun to dream about. I think some international travel could be really awesome, especially if you can go like a VIP 🙂

Of course, there are many different types of jetsetters, and today’s quiz will help you determine which type you should be: What Kind of Jetsetter Are You? Let me know what you think of this quiz and what your result is. Did I get your jetsetting style right?

Discussion question: Where would you like to jetset off to today?

7 replies on “What Kind of Jetsetter Are You?”

I got Shopping–but…not really? I mean, I do like picking up gifts for people when I travel, but I really dislike shopping!

The thing is, even imaginarily, I don’t think I’m any of the types in the quiz–I’m a comfort and culture traveller! So I guess shopping is the least unlike me. 🙂

I think shopping was the most cultural type for this quiz, but you are right – there is not a good fit. Now I’m wondering what I could maybe add one day. Something like philanthropist jetsetter or maybe art patron 🙂

What do you think?

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