What Color Headphones Are You?

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Do you like to listen to music? I love to put on my heaphones whenever I need a break from the world. Music definitely transports me to another place, and when work is hard, that’s a good thing. I think there is more of an overlap with color and music than we may think. After all, both color and music have a lot to do with moods and emotions 🙂 It may be a bit wacky to link color and music, but that’s where I’m going with today’s quiz.

Do you see different types of music as having colors? I never did before this quiz, but I now see songs as having hues! I see calming music as green and more experimental music as purple. Love songs have got to be pink, and happy music is yellow. I’m sure there’s many more music and color combinations that we can come up with in the comments 🙂

As for colors outside this quiz, feel free to list your own colors and genres. I happen to think that disco has to be gold, and metal has to be black! What music should be red? (As much as I love Taylor Swift, I’m not going to let her claim that whole color.) Or blue?

Do you agree that color and music are connected? See how much your music and color preferences line up with my latest quiz: What Color Headphones Are You? Let me know what color your music style is. Do you agree with your result? What is your favorite style of music and favorite color?

Discussion question: Do you prefer to listen to music with headphones or on a stereo?

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11 replies on “What Color Headphones Are You?”

I got pink headphonesand I hate pink always have and the quiz forgot about country and westren music and yes their is diffrence just saying. My personal music true taste is country,children’s music and christmas carols. I also enjoy the Irish tennors(away in a manger and few others way they sing it is just mmm) and the Irish Rovers ( not human if don’t like unicorn song). I love purple,green,blue and orange.

I don’t know too much about country music, so I don’t always include a lot about it in my quizzes! I would love to learn more though 🙂 I love Irish music of all sorts, and Christmas music too. Your response inspired me to look for some Irish tenors 🙂

You Are Purple Headphones

You are a highly imaginative person (not really), and you appreciate music that is a little outside the mainstream.
You value creativity, and you love it when musicians get a little out there with there music. Experimenting is good!

You are highly individualistic, and you prefer musical artists that have a strong voice. Cookie cutter music doesn’t appeal you.
You are drawn to music that is very powerful, even if it’s not the easiest to understand. You like complexity and meaning.

And some green

What do you think?

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