What’s Your Smartphone Addiction?

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Are you addicted to your smartphone? (Or iPod touch?) I generally am not addicted to mine, but if I’m bored, I definitely am. I think it’s funny how we all sometimes get drawn to our little gadgets, often for different reasons.

What draws you to your smartphone? (Or tablet / computer, if you don’t have one!) Take my latest quiz to find out:Β What’s Your Smartphone Addiction?

Discussion question: What piece of etiquette do you think every smartphone user should follow?

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I don’t have a smartphone–I work from home, so the service is overkill–but I have an iPod Touch and I am attached to it, almost surgically! πŸ˜€ On the other hand, I don’t feel the slightest urge to use it on Shabbat, when I shut everything down, so not really addicted, then.

I got gaming, and it’s more right than any of the other answers–I DO use it to entertain myself. Although I think of it more as a way to stay in touch with the world, which is hard to do when you work from home. (See that neat circle I made there? :D)

I like what you did there, and it’s totally true about staying in touch with the world when working from home. I used to do it before social media, mass blogging, etc but I wonder how I survived!

Also, that’s a great point about addiction and Shabbat πŸ™‚

Your Addiction is Gaming

You may not have considered yourself a gamer until you got a smartphone, and now you love to play fun little games.
You are addicted to whatever the latest game on your phone is, and you keep playing to reach the next level!

You are a fun loving person, and you never have a problem entertaining yourself. You refuse to be bored.
You can be a bit easily distracted at times, but it’s often a good thing. Your play can lead to some cool discoveries.

I don’t have a smartphone, but I might get one for the games.

As someone who gets lost a lot, I’m definitely addicted to navigation πŸ™‚ And the number one thing people should do with smartphones is not use them at the movies!

What do you think?

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