What Flavor Potato Chips Are You?

onion chip

Do you like potato chips? I love them… probably too much! If I don’t check myself, I will eat them for every meal πŸ™‚

My potato chip obsession led to my latest quiz:Β What Flavor Potato Chips Are You?Β I’m curious to know what you get and what you think of your result! Do you think there are potato chip eating personalities?

Discussion question: Do you like potato chips? If so, what kind and flavor?

9 replies on “What Flavor Potato Chips Are You?”

None of the results describe me that well (only bits of Cheddar, Vinegar, and BBQ describe me).

Salt & Vinegar (almost any brand)

I am vinegar chips which is my favorite kind of chips! My personality is an acquired taste, no one quite knows what to think of me and only those that like the unusual embrace me.

What do you think?

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