What After School Snack Are You?

plate of cookies

Did you used to like after school snacks? My goodness – they were my favorite part of the school day. I ate almost everything and anything I could after school. I wish I could still eat like I did as a kid 🙂

What after school snack best fits your personality? Take my quiz to find out: What After School Snack Are You? Let me know what you got and if it’s something you would actually have eaten!

Discussion question: What was your favorite after school snack growing up?

3 replies on “What After School Snack Are You?”

You Are Grilled Cheese

You are a relaxed and easy to please person. You like comfort, especially when it comes to your food.
You don’t mind a little routine, and you’ll eat the same snack every day if it’s a good one!

You may not be a risk taker, but you’re still often the life of the party. You are carefree and happy.
You find your contentment wherever you can. You are the best friend any person could have.

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