What’s Your Happy Song?

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Does music make you happy? The right song can put a spring in my step, and I often listen to music to get in the right headspace. I think music can have really powerful cognitive effects.

What happy song best describes your outlook? Take my latest quiz to find out: What’s Your Happy Song? Comment to share your result, and what you think of it 🙂

Discussion question: What is your goto happy song?

5 replies on “What’s Your Happy Song?”

You Are ‘What a Wonderful World’

You are a naturally content person. Your happiness burns slowly enough that it never flames out completely.
You have a huge sense of perspective and gratitude. You see what is right with your life, and you are grateful.

You see so much beauty in the world every day, just living your ordinary life. You are constantly looking for it.You appreciate every moment and are happy to be on this planet. It is a wonderful world indeed!

My first result was We Are the Champions (then Don’t Worry Be Happy which described me a little better), don’t know why considering my choices.

I don’t really have a happy song, the songs I listen to are usually dark and/or bittersweet. One that can be considered happy I sometimes listen to is Heaven In Me (not sure whether or not I should call it my goto happy song).

What do you think?

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