Are You a Super Taster?

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Do you ever feel like you taste differently than most people? I don’t think I do, but I have definitely cooked for others with super strong taste buds 🙂 I find the idea of super tasters fascinating, and I think that the way we taste may describe culinary differences.

To find out if you’re a super taster, take my latest quiz: Are You a Super Taster? Let me know what you get and if it’s true for you. I read that about 35% of women and 15% of men are super tasters 🙂

Discussion question: What food has too strong of a taste for you?

3 replies on “Are You a Super Taster?”

I got supertaster, and it’s true that I am in at least some ways–for example, I can taste the difference between regular (sodium) salt and fake (potassium) salt. (I mean BLEEEEECCCCCCHHHHHH! *shudder, gag*) But I think it’s not supertaster across the board? Anyway, I’m certainly a very picky eater!

I think the true test of super tasters is how much you taste bitter. I am the opposite of a super taster, so I don’t know if the potassium is a tell or not. I do know that most super tasters don’t like raw kale, if that helps 🙂

I am just a regular taster. If anything my taste is pretty weak, so almost anything is not too strong. However, I tried an Indian pickled lemon once, and that was way too strong for me 🙂

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