How Should You See the World?

caravan and bike

Would you like to travel the world? I would – if I won the lottery 🙂 I’ve done a bit of of dreaming about an around the world trip, and of course, the issue of transportation comes up.

If you had your choice, how should you travel the world? Take my quiz to find out! How Should You See the World? Let me know what your outcome is, and maybe even what your dreams for traveling the world are.

Discussion question: What is your ideal mode of vacation travel if money was not a factor?

5 replies on “How Should You See the World?”

I got car, which kind of felt boring at first… then I remembered that road trips are fun. And if money was not a factor (and the environment), I’d like to travel by private jet 🙂

You Should Go By Boat

You have a romantic notion of travel, and nothing sounds better than you than hitting the world’s oceans.
Of course, you’d have plenty to explore at each port. But you’d relish your thoughtful downtime in the middle of the sea.

You equally like being in the middle of the action and getting away from it all. You need time to process and reflect.
You believe that a world trip should be savored. You want to remember the special moments for the rest of your life.

What do you think?

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