What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?


Do you sleep like a baby? Oh, I wish I did! I have never been a good sleeper, and I often find myself wide awake in the middle of the night.

Does your sleeping style reveal what kind of sleeper you are? I think it does. I’m a fussy sleeper, and it reveals… well that I’m restless 🙂 Take my latest quiz to see what you get! What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

Discussion question: What time do you normally go to bed, and when do you normally get up?

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Sensitive Sleeper

Sleep doesn’t always come easily to you, but when the conditions are right, you sleep like a baby.
You need your sleep to be in a sanctuary, with cozy blankets, quiet, and the right amount of light (or darkness).

Once you get to sleep, you sleep deeply. And you may get seriously grumpy at anyone who wakes you up.
Sleep renews you and even helps you grow as a person. If you’re not sleeping well, your life starts to suffer from it.

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