What Superpower Could You Develop?

woman practicing mind control

Do you ever imagine yourself as a superhero? Of course, I sometimes do… although I’m not sure which superpower I would have. They all seem pretty good to me!

I developed a quiz to figure out what superpower would be best for each person, and who knows? You may even develop this superpower in an alternate universe one day 🙂 What Superpower Could You Develop? Comment to let me know your result.

Discussion question: What superpower would you like to have?

7 replies on “What Superpower Could You Develop?”

Hmmm, if I could have a superpower, it would be invisibility. I would like to be able to be unnoticed at times, especially maybe for first class air travel 🙂

You Could Develop Invisibility

You are an incredibly observant person, and you have a real head for details. You remember everything.
You are quite clever and even a bit sneaky. You’re the type who likes to work behind the scenes.

You aren’t one for attention, but you do still want to do good in this world. You just prefer to be anonymous.
You are more adventurous than you might seem, and you want to be able to travel everywhere, completely undisturbed.

What do you think?

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