What’s Your Midnight Snack Personality?

midnight pizza snack

Do you like midnight snacks? I probably like them a little too much! Everything tastes better late at night, including cold pizza πŸ™‚

What should your midnight snack be? Take this new quiz to find out:Β What’s Your Midnight Snack Personality?Β Let me know what you get… and what you tend to crave in the wee hours of the night!

8 replies on “What’s Your Midnight Snack Personality?”

I am cake

You are fun loving and playful, whether it’s 2AM or 2PM. You love life to the fullest.
You try to laugh your worries away and live in the moment. You are very relaxed and always down to indulge a little.

You enjoy being selfish and enjoy sharing. You don’t need the right crowd to have a party – every night is party with you.
You are sweet and optimistic. If you don’t have anything to smile about, you make sure to go and find something!

You Are Popcorn

You are a total daydreamer with an active imagination. A simple smell or taste can take you far away.
You love to be completely absorbed in another world – whether it’s in your head, in a book, or on a screen.

You are very introspective and have a down to earth streak when necessary. You can look at your life from a broad perspective.
You are good at timing, and you like to pace yourself. You don’t rush, but you also don’t dilly-dally.

My imagination isn’t that active.

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