What Shakespearean Play Are You?


Do you like Shakespeare? I do more and more these days, and I love Shakespeare in the park 🙂 I am always amazed at how the themes from Shakespeare’s works are still relevant today.

Is there a Shakespearean play that best fits you? Take my latest quiz to find out! What Shakespearean Play Are You? Comment with your result 🙂

6 Replies to “What Shakespearean Play Are You?”

  1. Ah, Romeo and Juliet, a classic play! It’s sad how both of them die at the end! They were meant for each other! I really admire William Shakespeare.

  2. Hamlet, it describes me yet it doesn’t, the description is kind of confusing. Also hilarious and comedy are pretty much the same.

  3. I got Lear and Shrew (because I had two answers for at least one question!), and yeah, somewhere between those is about right. (Getting Lear was a bit alarming, I have to say!)

    I adore Shakespeare, especially Shakespeare in the Park, too!

    1. Hahaha, I was sure that I would get Lear but I got Shrew 🙂 NYC Shakespeare in the park is totally on my bucket list. I think I may have mentioned that before, but it’s worth mentioning again!

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