What Are You Like to Live With?


Have you ever lived with roommates? Maybe even your siblings, cousins, or parents as an adult? Living with others as an adult can show us a lot about who we are!

Take my latest quiz What Are You Like to Live With? to see what kind of roommate or housemate you are. Comment and let me know what you get. Do you think you’re better off living with people or living alone?

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You Are Individual

You are an interesting person to live with. You do things your way, and you don’t conform to anyone’s expectations.
You aren’t inconsiderate, but more uptight folks may find you difficult to live with. Any housemate would have to be quite compatible with you.

You value your space, privacy, and way of life. You can only live with others who respect your boundaries.
For those that do get along with you, you are a fascinating, valuable, and even quirky roommate. You always have something to contribute.

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