What Do You Value Most?

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What is your own personal meaning in life? Have you thought about this question at all? I have thought about it some, and it changes for me as life goes on…

To see what’s currently important in your life, take my latest quiz: What Do You Value Most? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result. Is it true for your life?


4 replies on “What Do You Value Most?”

You Value Self-Direction

You seek freedom of every type – freedom of movement, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression.
You are a very independent person, and you don’t fit easily into any mold. You have to be able to do things your own way.

You likely have a creative or artistic bent, even if you don’t exercise it. You just see the world differently.
You like to indulge in your whims and intuitions. You never know where your passion will take you, and that’s what you love about it!

I’m not very passionate.

What do you think?

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