The Yin Yang Test

colored yin yangs

Do you have two sides to your personality? I think we all do to one extent or another, a sort of yin and yang. We are all serious and creative; logical and emotional; calm and expressive. I think for this reason, I feel annoyed when people are too quick to label someone based on their personality. We all have gradations. It’s a weird thing for a quiz writer to say, because quiz results are labels. However, this is why I write so many quizzes! You may get “introvert” on one quiz and “extrovert” on another, and I like the kind of thoughts that may provoke.

Something I like about the yin/yang framework is it’s two sides that work in conjunction to one another. People aren’t simply yin or yang… but they may lean a particular way. This quiz is unique in that it doesn’t tell you if you are more yin or yang – it assumes that you are both. Instead it describes both your yin and yang to you.

For those not acquainted, yin energy is the dark side of the yin yang while yang is the light side. Yin is considered to be the more feminine energy, and yang is the masculine energy. Yin is more calming, cooling, and restful. Yang is more energizing, stimulating, and associated with movement. Now that you understand what yin and yang represent, you can see why you possess both elements.

My latest quiz helps you discover the two sides of your personality (the yin and the yang) in a new way: The Yin Yang Test. I based this quiz both on Eastern philosophy and color theory. Simply pick the image with the colors you like best, and I’ll tell you what it says about your yin and your yang. Let me know what you get and how true it is for you!

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