What’s Your Summer Anthem?

woman enjoying summer in city

Do you love summer music? Summer hits songs are one of my favorite parts of summer, although I like classic summer songs as well. Music goes perfectly with rolled down windows and hot nights 🙂

My latest quiz is based off my love of summer themed music: What’s Your Summer Anthem? What do you get on this one? Comment and let me know!

2 replies on “What’s Your Summer Anthem?”

You Are ‘Cruel Summer’

You can’t stand the summer and can’t wait for it to be over. At least, that’s how you feel about this summer.
You’re not so into the heat, and you feel like this season is overrated. You’ll take a crisp fall day instead.

You may not like the summer, but you find your solace where you can. And that solace usually involves air conditioning.
This summer may be cruel, but you’ll get through it. You have the other wonderful three seasons as a reward!

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