What Livable City Should You Live In?


Are you happy with the city you live in? I’m pretty happy with where I live, but of course, I’m human – which means I am never quite satisfied. I always look at the most “livable” city lists, and I dream about living in one of the top cities for climate, crime, arts, clean air, etc.

What about you? Is there a super livable city you would like to live in? You may find one with my latest quiz:Β What Livable City Should You Live In?Β Let me know what city you get… and if you would ever consider moving there!

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You Should Live in Vienna

You are more of the quiet, studious, and observant type. You want to savor a city while not being overwhelmed by it.
Vienna is the perfect city for you to live in to experience the best of the art and music worlds. There’s so much for you to explore.

Vienna is the ideal place for you to go out and see the world before retreating to a cozy spot to reflect.
There is plenty here to be inspired by, and you also can satisfy your urge for good conversation with brilliant friends in this smart city!

And some Stockholm and some Helsinki.

Very good point! I think a good livable alternative might be Christchurch, NZ (which didn’t quite make the cutoff for the quiz)… but that is my secret dream city this week πŸ˜‰

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