What Color Piggy Bank Are You?

color piggy banks

Did you have a piggy bank as a kid? I loved saving my pennies for special treats, and I still feel like piggy banks are great for kids of all ages. Unlike when I was growing up, piggy banks come in tons of colors now – which is perfect for a personality quiz.

What sort of piggy bank would you have? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Color Piggy Bank Are You? This quiz is based on a mix of color theory and finance personality theory. I hope you find it interesting!

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When it comes to money, you are a bit of a financial wizard. You study business and personal finance a lot.
You know what the best practices are with money, and you try to follow them. You believe in financial discipline.

You are more of a saver than a spender, but you know that too much saving can make anyone crazy.
You don’t have flashy things or show off how much money you have. You are never greedy.

As a kid, I never kept piggy banks because my parents weren’t really into it, but this quiz was fun nonetheless. I think this is true, as my father was working in business, we were always taught to be savvy money wise. We wouldn’t keep piggy banks, but we just sort of got a budget and we managed to at least save a dollar 🙂

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