What Fine Herb Are You?


Are you familiar with fine herbs? Chives, parsley, tarragon, and chervil are classic french herbs that go perfectly in summer cooking. And of course, they each have a distinct personality that I love.

Whether you love fine herbs or are just learning about them today, I hope you’ll enjoy my latest quiz: What Fine Herb Are You? Let me know what you get and if it suits you!

4 replies on “What Fine Herb Are You?”

You Are Chervil

You have a rare personality, and people sometimes don’t know what to do with you. You are a bit mysterious.
You are somewhat exotic and unknown to those around you, even if they spend a lot of time with you. You don’t open up to just anyone.

You are lovely, beautiful, and unique. You tend to gravitate toward things that are special and foods that are gourmet.
You are quite sensitive, and you get overwhelmed easily. You are a bit more subtle with how you approach life.

I’m not that sensitive, and I’m not sure about gourmet food.

What do you think?

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