What Kitchen Utensil Are You?

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I don’t know about you, but I really love to cook. For me, the kitchen is my peaceful place where I can relax, listen to music, do a little chopping… 😉 I am not the most talented cook, but I can whip up a stir fry or pasta dish pretty easily. Or my “throw everything in one pot” ramen.

Whether you’re like me and love to make new foods or are a less enthusiastic home cook, home cooking is all about kitchen utensils. We’re all lost in the kitchen without the right tools. And different cooks rely on different kitchen utensils. For example, I’ll never be one of those cooks who can survive with just a knife and a pan! I think the type and quality of kitchen utensils you have in your kitchen says a lot about your cooking style. If you don’t cook a bunch, you may be a minimalist with just a spatula or two. And if you’re a virtuoso baker, you may swear by your whisk or pastry blender.

Do you have a favorite kitchen utensil? You know, the kind of kitchen utensil that you’d be lost in the kitchen without. I definitely have a favorite kitchen utensil (it’s a silicon spatula), and I have a couple backups around just in case. I think the utensil we gravitate towards says a lot about us in the kitchen. For example, I’ve always wished that I could be an expert whisker, but I’m more of a flipper 😉 No surprise given that my cooking tends to be of the quick and easy variety.

If you’re curious about your kitchen personality, then take my latest quiz: What Kitchen Utensil Are You? Let me know what you get and if it fits your kitchen personality style! Comment below with your outcome. Does it fit your cooking style? What is your favorite thing to cook?

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You Are a Spatula

You enjoy cooking, but you like the results of your cooking even more. You cook your favorites dishes a lot.
You prefer to whip up food that others enjoy eating as well. You have a strong repertoire of crowd pleasers.

You feel at peace in the kitchen, and you generally like to be left alone to do your thing. You offer up lots of tastes while you’re cooking though.
You love sweet food, and desserts are one of your specialties. You don’t feel like it’s a celebration unless a dessert comes at the end.

Mostly true

I got Ladle, but I have to say it doesn’t fit me–I most definitely and decidedly do NOT love to cook, and I’m not into feeding guests unless I’ve invited them for a meal. And I don’t run an open kitchen! I cook well enough, if plainly, but it’s by necessity, not choice, because I do love to eat. 😉 So I think strainer probably fits better.

Oh goodness, no! That doesn’t sound right for you at all. I’d definitely say strainer for you. I love the minimalism of that result 🙂

I am shears

You are a creative genius in the kitchen, and dreaming up new dishes is definitely your thing.
You love to innovate when you cook, and you delight in making unexpected combinations taste good.

You only use recipes as inspiration. In fact, you have to pretty much tweak any recipe you decide to make.
You have good technique when it comes to cooking, but you aren’t traditional. You have your own kitchen methods that work for you.

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