What Kind of Toes Do You Have?

collection of toes

Do you feel a bit different from the rest of the world? I think we all do in our own way, even if we aren’t wearing colorful toe socks. My latest quiz is a riff on the old Five Factor personality quiz, focusing on your strength factor that really makes you shine.

To see how you’re special, take: What Kind of Toes Do You Have? What personality characteristic makes you tick? Comment and let me know if you agree with your result!

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Stable Toes

Your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You don’t waver on much in your life, and you stand firm in what you believe in.
You are rational and logical. Emotions don’t sway you, but a well reasoned argument may just change your mind.

You deal with stress successfully, and you can put almost anything in perspective. Very little rattles you.
You accept people and events as they are. You don’t waste energy trying to change things that are out of your control.

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