What Kind of Olive Oil Are You?

olive oil

Do you like olive oil? I love it, and it always reminds me of summer. I think summer is a great time for lighter foods with just a dash of olive oil πŸ™‚ Or any other high quality oil is good too.

I was inspired by my love of olive oil to write my latest quiz:Β What Kind of Olive Oil Are You?Β It’s part culinary and part personality. I hope you’re delighted by your result πŸ™‚

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You Are Citrus Oil

You are thoughtful, independent, and maybe even a little quirky. You have your own ideas about the world.
You may be a bit of a rebel, but you’re a quiet one. You would rather do your own thing than fight for change.

You are resourceful and adaptable. You can make do with what you have, and you’re even quite inventive at times.
You are refreshingly honest and direct. You don’t broadcast your opinion, but you’re willing to tell anyone the truth.

Extra virgin oil

You are the type of person who focuses on what is important. You keep things simple and focused.
You take good care of yourself – both mentally and physically. You believe that health is the key to a happy life.

You tend toward more natural products and ways of being. You enjoy spending as much time outside as possible.
You are ready for life everyday, and you get excited to go on a little adventure – as long as it’s good for you

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