Is Your Style East Coast or West Coast?

woman in leather jacket

Do you feel like you fit in better on the east or west coast with your style? I’m definitely a west coast gal, unless you can now wear flip flops to the opera in Boston 😉 While I’m sure I can’t begin to settle any East vs West fashion rivalry, I can weigh in with a quiz…

Is Your Style East Coast or West Coast? Take my latest quiz to find out! What do you think of your result? Do you prefer a certain city or coast for fashion?

4 replies on “Is Your Style East Coast or West Coast?”

I got Bicoastal, and that description is mostly right–but not the part about shopping anywhere and everywhere, I don’t really like to shop! But it’s very true that people find me a bit hard to place, and I do hang onto special pieces forever.

I don’t like to shop either, and I also got this result! I guess it makes more sense for the non-shopping types because we do hold on to favorite pieces forever 🙂

What do you think?

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