What’s Your Holland Personality Type?

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When you were in school, did you ever take a career aptitude test? I took a few, but of course, quiz writers were never on the list 🙂 I think career aptitude tests can be interesting, especially if they focus more on strengths and less on specific careers.

If you did take one of those career tests in school, it was probably based on Holland Occupational Themes. I’ve given this old test my own spin, and it’s good for people in any part of their career. (And if you don’t work, it’s still good for figuring out what you’re good at.) Check it out and let me know what you think: What’s Your Holland Personality Type?

8 replies on “What’s Your Holland Personality Type?”

I got Artistic the first time (and since I’m a designer, I hope so!), and Investigative the second time (which fits, too).

(I had to take it twice because there were a couple of questions I had two equally compelling answers to.)

You are social

More than anything else, you are a helper. You want to make a difference and impact other people’s lives.
You are cooperative and understanding. You always prefer to work with others than to compete with them.

You are both a natural teacher and counselor. You can see where people need help and how they can learn to help themselves.
You are flexible and adaptable. You trust yourself to do what is best in any given situation.

What do you think?

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