What Color Motivates You?

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What gets you up and going every day? What do you live for? I have been reading a lot about motivational styles lately, and I find it fascinating. I used to feel like I was more motivated by hard work in life, but now I am motivated by calm and relaxation.

My latest quiz tests your motivational style: What Color Motivates You? I based it on some color archetypes for motivation personalities, so you will notice that it doesn’t align with color theory. If you’re used to getting a certain color on color quizzes, your result may surprise you 🙂

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7 thoughts on “What Color Motivates You?

  1. Josh

    I got white and while it kind of describes me I think another color or 2 would’ve given a more accurate result.

  2. Laura

    I got blue as well. I almost always get blue on your color tests (color ideas, inner color, primary color, personality color, etc). When I don’t get blue, I get purple or indigo. I guess I’m just really consistent.

    1. kari Post author

      I think consistency is a blue characteristic 🙂 I’m glad to know you usually get the same result. It means I’m doing at least something right… I hope 😉

  3. Rachel2

    I got Blue–On the one hand, I don’t think I’m so much actually motivated by relationships, but it definitely fits better than the other choices, so… 😕