What Beachy Cocktail Are You?

beachy-cocktailsI’m not sure what my perfect life would look like, but I’m pretty sure it would involve sitting on the beach somewhere sipping a cool drink. That would be the life, at least until I got sunburned 🙂 I may not be able to get away to the beach this summer, but I can dream.

What beach drink best suits you? I went for alcoholic drinks for a little Friday fun, but substitute in the mocktail version if you don’t drink! What Beachy Cocktail Are You? Let me know what you get, and if you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer!


3 replies on “What Beachy Cocktail Are You?”

I got banana daiquiri, and not a bad fit at all! (I’m all about sweet creamy things to drink, even if not alcoholic!)

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