What Bar Game Are You?

bar games

Do you like bar games? I think I like them more than bars. I enjoy a good game of darts or pool on a lazy afternoon – even though I’ll probably lose 😉

Bar games are so unique from one another that I thought they would make an interesting personality quiz. Find out what bar game (or casual game) suits you with my latest quiz: What Bar Game Are You? Let me know what you get on this quiz and if you enjoy playing any of these games!


5 replies on “What Bar Game Are You?”


You are very team oriented, and you enjoy working with other people. You aren’t necessarily a leader, but you maintain your individuality in a group.
You may appear more playful than you seem, and you do like to have fun. You tend to keep your more serious side under wraps.

You are quite easygoing and almost always happy with life. It doesn’t take much to make you content.
You seem super laid back. While it’s true that you don’t get worked up much, you do like to win as much as the next person.

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