The Funky Donut Test

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I love donuts probably more than I should, and it doesn’t help that I live near a donut factory 😉 My favorite way to eat donuts is late at night, right off the line. I love any flavor or variety, but I usually get suckered into the brightest, boldest donut. You know… the one with the most sprinkles 🙂

My love of wild donuts inspired my latest quiz: The Funky Donut Test Let me know what you pick and what you think of your result!  I used a little color theory when developing this quiz, and it was fun to see how different colors could work together in a personality type.

7 replies on “The Funky Donut Test”

Both “Warm” and “Cultured”.

… although … I can never be sure how to choose the answer for the quizzes involving food. What if someone has no idea what that food tastes like? Say, if it’s a food or a beverage from a different culture? Whenever I pick a food item in a quiz that’s drowning in chocolate, the results often seem to read “drama obsessed”. Chocolate is great and all, but should we pick an image that best fits what we think would taste the best or what we think looks the best?

You are cultured:

You love nice things, and you’re the first to admit that you can be materialistic. However, you are prudent with what you buy.
You have a natural and simple sophistication that others envy. You know what is too little, too much, and just enough.

You are a very reflective person, and you spend equal time thinking about the past and future. You are constantly having new insights.
You are able to be raw and even vulnerable with people. You don’t believe in hiding from who you are.

What do you think?

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