What Kind of Butterfly Are You?

beautiful butterflies

Do you love butterflies? There are many in my yard this time of year, and I enjoy just watching them. I find the idea of a butterfly garden to be totally peaceful, even if I don’t have the time to make a proper one 🙂

When I started to do research for this quiz, I was overwhelmed by how many varieties of butterflies there are. I picked a few butterfly types that seem quite different for this quiz, and I hope you enjoy it: What Kind of Butterfly Are You? Let me know what you get and if you are also a fan of butterflies!

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I think it’s a lovely result!

(BTW, I’m noticing that the login problem still persists. We are still working on it but still can’t figure out how to replicated it. Sorry about that!)


You are very perceptive and observant. You rely on your own senses to determine what’s going on.
You integrate information well, and you have a strong intuition that is very rare. Your inner voice is often right.

You value harmony and will do what you can to make sure everyone gets along. And you are always in favor of personal growth.
You focus on dreams and believe in possibilities. You refuse to accept limitations and will do what you can to eliminate them.

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