What Color Flip Flops Are You?

colorful flip flops

I love to wear flip flops in the summer. They’re easy to slip and cheap enough to own a ton of them. I’m always thrilled when it’s flip flop weather again.

Are you a flip flop fan? Or maybe just a fan of summer? Then you should take my latest quiz: What Color Flip Flops Are You? Let me know what you get and what kind of summer you’re hoping to have!

5 replies on “What Color Flip Flops Are You?”

Blue Flip Flops
You love the summer, and you stay as active as you can while the weather is nice.
Being out in the sunshine makes you feel like a kid again. And you think that this is the perfect time of year for an adventure.

You are always up for a challenge for for trying something new. You admire skill and drive in others.
You love action, and you are often the first in line for fun. You enjoy every day to the fullest.

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