What Does Your Favorite Nut Say About You?

pine nuts, brazil nuts, and almonds

Do you snack on almonds? Love peanuts? Go crazy for walnuts? I love to snack on nuts and seeds throughout the day, and if you’re anything like me, you probably have your favorites 🙂

What’s your nutty personality? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Does Your Favorite Nut Say About You? Let me know what your favorite nut is… and what it says about you!


2 Replies to “What Does Your Favorite Nut Say About You?”

  1. I am considerate

    You are a devoted and loyal person. You are always there for your friends, and you know how to cheer people up.
    You are fairly predictable, and that’s a good thing. People know what to expect from you, and they like it.

    You can be quite quirky, but you are often the last to notice. You can always find a kinship with those around you.
    You like to stay active, and you enjoy routine. Having too much downtime tends to bum you out.

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