What Kind of Ball Are You?

beach ball basketball

When the weather gets warm, I think it’s always fun to play a ball game. Of course, the question is: what ball? I am no athlete, but I can go along for a pick up game of almost any sort.

What about you? Is there a ball game you’re suited for? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Kind of Ball Are You? Comment and let me know if your result fits you!

2 replies on “What Kind of Ball Are You?”

Bowling Ball
You are laid back, traditional, and not one to cause much of a fuss. You are happy to go with the flow.
You are very social, and you enjoy being part of a group. You have a small competitive streak, but you mostly keep it to yourself.

You are likely to consider yourself a lucky person, even if others don’t see it. Your luck tends to come in streaks.
You are capable of a lot, and you rarely complain. You make doing hard stuff seem easy.

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