What Language Should You Say Hello In?

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Do you like to speak new languages? There are a ton of languages that I want to learn, but I don’t have the time to really get immersed in them. However, saying a few words or “hello” is doable.

Is there a language you would like to know a little more of? Or do you prefer to stick with English? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Language Should You Say Hello In? Comment and tell me what you get!

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I got French–which, along with Hebrew, is what I studied in school.

(Not that I learned either to speak–or to speak of, ha!–because I am TERRIBLE at non-English languages! Worse still, I do pick up the accent/sound of the language pretty well, so if you don’t listen to what I’m saying I sound like a fluent speaker, so I get talked to very very fast and understand nothing whatsoever! :D)

**I still lose everything if I try to post using my WordPress ID**

I studied French too, but yes, definitely don’t make me speak it 🙂

That is so frustrating about the login. I’m very sorry. I tried to replicate the problem using a couple dummy WP accounts and a couple different browsers, but I can login just fine, so I think we will have to investigate this further.

To confirm, you are already logged in to WordPress when you try to post. And when you make the post, everything gets zapped and it’s like nothing ever was posted. Is that correct? Do you know what OS / browser is it happening on?

We have some older macs around, so I will try to see if I can replicate this with one of them. If not, I will try to do some more searching to see if this bug has come up recently. Also, if you happen to run into it on any other blogs, definitely let me know, because I might be able to see what we have in common with them.

You Should Say Salut

You are a true romantic, and you believe in living as close to an ideal life as possible.
You love beautiful things, and that includes a language as gorgeous as français. You are drawn toward a language that is fun to speak.

You are a very cultured person, and you love the best of what this world has to offer: cooking, fashion, visual arts, and dance.
You are also an intellectual, and you enjoy learning for its own sake. You would enjoy using your French to study philosophy, literature, and history in their original forms.

I’m not really a romantic, and I’m only sometimes an intellectual.

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