What’s Your Glamour Profile?


Do you like glamour? It’s something I think about a lot. For a long time, I would have told you that I’m not into glamour at all. I’m a pretty casual person, and I like living in an area where I can wear jeans to the symphony. I do like to get dressed up, but only when I feel like it 🙂

Lately though, I’ve been thinking more about the philosophy of glamour. In many ways, anyone can be perfectly glamorous in our culture… but not everyone can be considered perfectly beautiful. I love the idea of glamour even more than the idea of beauty. For me, glamour means doing things your own way and looking your best on your own terms. Anyone can be glamorous with a few fun accessories, beauty items, or fashion pieces.

In my opinion, beauty is very rigid. I admire people and organizations who challenge the status quo about what is beautiful. But when it comes down to it, our culture is pretty specific about what we do and don’t find beautiful – with most people (even actresses and models) fitting into the latter category without professional makeup artists, personal trainers, and Photoshop. Glamour is reachable for almost everyone though. All it takes is a chic hat or perfect shade of lipstick.

Convinced that glamour is something you should care about? Then you’ll enjoy today’s quiz. My latest quiz is all about doing glamour your own way: What’s Your Glamour Profile? Comment to let me know what you get and how true it is for you.

Discussion questions: Do you enjoy a little glamour from time to time? What is your favorite little thing you do to be glamorous?


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