What Does Your Face Shape Say About You?

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Do you have a particular face shape? Like almost every physical difference humans have, there is a lot of theorizing on what face shapes mean for personality. I’m not sure if I buy that face shapes dictate your personality, but I do know that our face shape probably affects how others perceive us. For example, I do think that a round face looks friendlier and fun. A more angular face (like mine) appears more serious.

I recently learned that face shapes can be attached to elements in nature. Hmmm, this may be a new quiz idea. But for now, I’ll fill you in! A triangular face is considered a fire face; a square face is considered a metal face; an oblong face is considered a wood shaped face; and a more round face is considered a water face. I find it totally fascinating that people have been “reading” faces for thousands of years.

I had trouble finding a lot of psychological scientific data about face shapes and personalities for this post, but I did find a lot of evidence that our faces are important in how we are perceived. Of course we already knew that, but there have been some interesting studies. For example, it turns out that people are pretty good at predicting outcomes for an election they know nothing about simply by looking at the candidate’s faces. And while there isn’t scientific data on personality and face shape, there is a long history of certain personalities being associated with certain face shapes.

Curious what your face shape reveals about your personality? Take my latest quiz: What Does Your Face Shape Say About You? Let me know what you get and how accurate it is.

Discussion question: Do you notice certain personality traits that correspond with face shapes? Which ones?

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