What CMYK Color Are You?

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Are you familiar with CMYK colors? They are the basic printing colors from way back when: (C)yan, (M)agenta, (Y)ellow, and Blac(K). While digital graphic design may not use this color system much, I love it. The bright, bold colors really speak to me! I’m always looking at the connection between personality and color, and because of that, new color groupings appeal to me. In some way, the CMYK colors are a lot like primary colors but much more punched up.

In fact, part of my inspiration for writing a CMYK quiz is it was one of the few quizzes I’ve written where I couldn’t guess what my own outcome would be. I love all of these colors so much. I have become a bright color junkie now that I live in such a sunny place. Gone are the dark browns and navy blues from my wardrobe! (Or mostly gone, I’ll say.) I love to be surrounded by bright colors in my home as well.

Cyan is a color that I gravitate to for clothing… I think it’s a good bright neutral. Magenta is a favorite color of mine, especially if it’s darker. I think it’s both very flattering for decor and fashion. You may be surprised to hear that yellow is a favorite color of mine too… I think it’s such a good fashion accent color. You really stand out if you wear yellow. And black? Well, don’t we all love black? I wore mostly black for a lot of my life, and while I still love it, I have challenged myself to wear brighter colors these days.

I was inspired to write a CMYK quiz thinking about the bolder personalities these colors represent. I hope you like it: What CMYK Color Are You? Let me know what you get on this quiz and if it describes you! Do you like bold colors? Or are you more attracted to muted colors? Comment below and let me know!

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