Are You Ruled by Your Hands, Head, or Heart?

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Do you tend to go with your mind, your gut, or your heart? Thinkers have divided people up into categories for a long time, and minds / hands / heart seems to be a common way of divvying people up. I tend to think this is pretty accurate given my own life experience. I have trouble getting along with those who aren’t my type at first, especially in a working environment.

How about you? Are you more active, thoughtful, or emotional? Take my latest quiz to find out: Are You Ruled by Your Hands, Head, or Heart? Let me know what you get and how well it suits you. Or if you’re a mix of outcomes, I’d like to hear about that too 🙂

2 replies on “Are You Ruled by Your Hands, Head, or Heart?”

I got Head, and I think that’s probably true, mostly. (Of course, it’s also true that even when we WANT to be logical and rational about things, there’s a lot of rationalizing in there too, with the heart actually making the decisions!)

Yes, very good point. I agree that it’s less of a dichotomy than it seems, and who knows how much choice we have in the matter? 🙂 I too like to be “head”… but it doesn’t alays work out that way!

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